Wellness is WITHIN YOU


Functional medicine and wellness practices saved my life.

You read that right. SAVED MY LIFE.

15 years ago I went through a severe body trauma and in the space of 12 hours my life changed forever. Prior to that moment, I was healthy, an athlete and a successful entrepreneur. I was married to the love of my life and pregnant with our first child.

I started a journey through health challenges that I didn’t know existed. After a violent C-Section I contracted a nosocomial (hospital-borne) Staph infection in my C-Section wound. Re-hospitalization. IV antibiotics flowing into my veins to try and stop the spread.  Fear. 

The result was fibromyalgia, hormone issues, depression, immune issues, abdominal trauma,  exhaustion and 7 surgeries to try and fix the damage done. No one talked about all of the mental, physical and emotional tools and practices I could use to help my body and mind heal.

One day I got tired of being the victim and started to research how I could heal myself.  I discovered Functional Medicine and the rest is history.  Within 3 years I went from being obese, bedridden and a narcotics addict to losing 110 lbs, becoming a personal trainer, reformer and mat Pilates instructor and drug free.  Fully drug free.  

I was able to hike again, grocery shop and not cry when I tried to get out of bed.  I loved taking care of my children again.  I traveled.  I did normal, everyday things and didn’t think twice about it anymore.

I continued to pursue health education and became a FMCHC – Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.  This gives me the ability to share all of the tools and methodologies I use, plus educate my clients on countless other options available to them.

Today I am the proud single mom of an incredible set of teenagers and I can keep up with them mentally, physically and emotionally.  15 years ago I couldn’t keep up with an infant.  Functional Wellness works.

I know exactly how it feels to be where you are.  

Will you let me help?

Natalie A. Forchuk
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC) 
Reformer & Mat Pilates Instructor
Personal Trainer
Pursuing Functional Nutrition 
Former Corporate Drone