Wellness is WITHIN YOU

Wellness is WITHIN YOU
Are you ready to let it out?

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Health Coaching

Mentoring and coaching you through wellness practices, movement and nutrition.  A whole body and lifestyle plan (PS: you don’t need to change your entire life to have success!). 

6 Sessions (45 minutes each) ~ $595.00
12 Sessions (45 minutes each) ~ $1,100.00

Nutrition Coaching

Ready to lose weight & have more energy?

Mentoring and coaching through a whole foods plan, education on the latest trends and recommendations for how to make small changes for big results.

6 Sessions (30 minutes each) ~ $275.00
12 Sessions (30 minutes each) ~ $525.00

Movement Coaching

Increase the effectiveness of your workouts and speed of results by over 50% !

For new fitness routines and/or enhancing existing ones you’ll receive one-on-one support that far exceeds anything a personal trainer can offer in the gym. 

6 Sessions (30 minutes each) ~ $275.00
1 Session (30 minutes each) ~ $55.00
Independent Workout Review ~ $50.00

Luminosity (TM)

My exclusive 12 month complete health and lifestyle mentoring and coaching program.  

This is for the person who is ready to go all in, glow up and live the life of their dreams


– Personalized app
– Customized and evolving workout plans
– Customized and evolving nutrition plans
– Customized and evolving sleep plans
– Customized and evolving stress plans
– Weekly coaching calls
– Daily access to me via Marco Polo app
– Quarterly visit to you in person *

~ Pricing available upon request
*additional charges apply