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Wellness is WITHIN YOU

Are You Ready To Grow Your Practice?

Hiring Ripple Functional Wellness is your next best business strategy to improve overall retention and ROI.

This is what we do best:  Supporting Your Clients.

Ripple Functional Wellness is the missing piece to growing your practice.  You need a bridge between your consultations and the outcome and patient compliance is difficult.  Natalie and her team will support you clients/patients through the healing process so you can focus on their primary care and growing your base.


Natalie is someone who has been through a lot that your clients are going through. She is immediately able to establish a trust pattern that allows her to support your clients.


Quiet efficiency is her style.  Natalie knows when to push and when to sit back and listen to the clients.  This results in better results in a shorter time frame.


Available via phone, text and Marco Polo, Natalie has a structure for her clients that ensures they feel supported and heard in a timely manner.


Natalie assists you and supports you to become more efficient and profitable by taking the dynamics of individual compliance between appointments off the table.