Functional Wellness

Wellness is WITHIN YOU

What is Functional Wellness?

Functional Wellness is all about YOU.  Making you strong, energetic, successful and supporting you in achieving anything you want in life.

There is no other form of heatlh practice that brings together your mental, physical and emotional health and treats ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME.

For example:  you have been really stressed due to the pandemic.  You aren’t sleeping well.  So I ask a few questions:  Are you scrolling until bedtime?  Exhausted from not sleeping because you are scrolling until bedtime?  Not moving  because you have no energy because you are not sleeping because you are scrolling until bedtime…?   You get my drift.  

I look at all aspects of your life and together we create a plan that will create the best YOU mentally, physically and emotionally, for life. 

Unlike your traditional MD, Functional Wellness looks at everything and finds the best holistic solutions and COMBINES them with Western Medicine for lasting change and wellness.

You can become the best, strongest, sexiest, smartest most successful version of yourself.   The time is now.  Are you ready?

Functional Medicine is medicine by cause, not by symptom.  Functional medicine practitionars don’t, in fact, treat disease, we treat your body’s ecosystem.  We get rid of the bad stuff, put in the good stuff, and because your body is an intelligient system – it does the rest.  – Mark Hyman, MD