Why Hire Me

Wellness is WITHIN YOU

Health & Wellness is Complicated

How do you decide what is BEST for YOU?

You Hire Me.

My unique skill set is unprecedented.  Not only have I spent 15 years educating and certifiying myself in health and wellness, I have lived through medical hell, including 12 surgeries and I have chronic illnesses.

I’ve survived and thrived through the School of Medical Hard Knocks and I want to help you do the same!

Examples of how I can help you:


I will bring you the best information I can to educate you on your particular goal(s) and/or illness(es).  This includes nutrition plans, supplement education, customized fitness plans and more!

Planning & Goal Setting

Together we will make realistic goals and plans for you to achieve your health & wellness goals!  This includes revising them often to ensure they work for you each and every day.


You can have a full life no matter what you are living with.  We will work through mental, physical and emotional challenges to create not only a life you recognize but also thrive in.


I can advocate for you with health professionals and your household members.  Everyone will understand how to support you.  This means less stress, more support and ultimately moving towards a more positive state of being.


I am in your corner!
Change can be hard and sometimes all we need is a cheerleader to help us through the tough times.  I’m here to lift you up, cheer you on and get you to the finish line!


When you reach your goal(s) I will be there to check in and make sure you stay on track.  Life is constantly changing and I will help you pivot and continue to be successful.

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